CS 1.6 Server Hosting

Here you can purchase hosting for Counter Strike 1.6 servers. All servers come with ANTI-DDOS protection, unlimited SSD storage, Pterodactyl panel, and included support.

Prices starting from 2.80 euros per month.

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CS 1.6 Hosting FeaturesWhat do the Counter Strike 1.6 hosting packages offer?

The CS 1.6 hosting packages also include a MySQL database. You also have access to phpMyAdmin for that database, and you will receive the login details via email.

You can create the database from the DataBasses section in the control panel.

The hosting packages for Counter Strike 1.6 offer the following features:

Included FastDL

All CS 1.6 hosting packages include a fast sv_downloadurl for quicker downloading of necessary files.

SSD Storage

All CS 1.6 hosting packages are hosted on servers that have high-speed SSD storage compared to traditional HDD.

Control Panel

All CS 1.6 hosting packages come with the Pterodactyl control panel, which allows you to perform operations such as Restart, Reinstall, File Upload, Database Creation, and more.

Fast Activation

CS 1.6 hosting packages are activated within a few minutes after payment. If there are any delays, you can contact support.

MySQL Database

All hosting packages come with a free MySQL database. Additionally, all databases can be managed through PhpMyAdmin.

99.9% Uptime

Our servers are always online when you need them. All services benefit from a guaranteed uptime of over 99.5%.

CS 1.6 Hosting FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Pterodactyl is a control panel that offers many options for managing your CS 1.6 server. It allows you to restart the server, send commands from the console, set a DNS, create a database for the server, and more.

You can access the Pterodactyl panel at the following link: Game Panel

Normally, within a few minutes of placing your order and making the payment, you will receive an email containing the login details for the Pterodactyl control panel.

If you don't see the email, please check your spam folder. If you still haven't received anything after an hour, you can open a ticket with the technical department to request the server details.

You can find the FTP login details in the panel under the Configuration -> SFTP Details section.

The hostname is gamecp.kekshost.com, protocol is SFTP, and the port is 2022.

The password to use is the same as the one for your control panel.

Each CS 1.6 hosting package includes a MySQL database.

You can create a MySQL database from the Databases section in the control panel. You need to choose a name and access level (all IPs or just the server's IP) and then click on "Create Database".

After creating the database, you can find all the necessary details in the Databases section. You can reset the password anytime if desired or delete and recreate the database.

After creating a database from the Databases section in the control panel, you can access PhpMyAdmin using the link PhpMyAdmin.

You will need to use the username and password displayed in the Databases section of the control panel.

If you want to install SourceMod and Metamod:Source on your CS 1.6 hosting package, you can follow this tutorial: complete guide

To activate FastDL, you need to synchronize the files using the FastDL button in the control panel. Once the files are synchronized, you will receive the FastDL link.

Every time you add a new map or something that needs to be downloaded by players, you will need to use that button again to synchronize the server.

You can reinstall the CS 1.6 server using the reinstall button in the control panel. However, this will not delete all existing files on the server.

For a complete reinstall, you first need to delete all server files and then click the reinstall button.

There is a limit to file upload through the web file editor (File Manager). If you want to upload a larger file, you will need to use an FTP client like FileZilla.

Payment Methods We offer multiple payment methods