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Here you can purchase hosting for Minecraft servers at the best price-performance ratio. All servers benefit from ANTI-DDOS protection, unlimited SSD storage, and inclusive support.

The servers are activated in less than 15 minutes after payment, and you will receive all the necessary data to use the Minecraft hosting package.

Prices starting from 2.99 euros.

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DESCRIPTIONWhat is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game written in Java and is primarily focused on creativity and construction, allowing players to build using a variety of textured cubes in a three-dimensional world. In Minecraft, players have several activities, including exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and tool construction, as well as combat.

Users can play together on Minecraft servers. Each Minecraft server can implement a unique game mode with special features available to players, such as survival, skyblock, bedwars, skypvp, etc. You can set up a Minecraft server by purchasing a Minecraft hosting service from our company.

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Official Minecraft Trailer:

MINECRAFT HOSTING FEATURESWhat do Minecraft Hosting packages offer?

Minecraft hosting packages benefit from a free DNS (name.server-mc.ro) and a MySQL database that you can create from the control panel. You also have access to phpMyAdmin for that database.

Minecraft hosting packages offer the following features:

Anti-DDoS Protection

All Minecraft hosting packages benefit from Anti-DDoS protection to block such cyber attacks and maintain service availability.

SSD Storage

All Minecraft hosting packages are hosted on servers with high-speed SSD storage compared to traditional HDD.

Control Panel

All Minecraft hosting packages benefit from the Multicraft control panel, which allows operations such as Restart, Reinstall, File Upload, DNS configuration, etc.

Quick Activation

Minecraft server hosting packages are activated within minutes of payment. If there are any delays, you can contact support.

MySQL Database

All hosting packages benefit from a free MySQL database. Additionally, all databases can be managed through phpMyAdmin.

99.9% Uptime

Our servers are always online when you need them. All services benefit from guaranteed uptime of over 99.5%.

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Minecraft Hosting FAQFrequently Asked Questions

MultiCraft is a control panel that provides many options for managing your Minecraft server. It allows you to restart the server, send commands from the console, set up a DNS, create a database for the server, and more.

All Minecraft hosting packages include access to the MultiCraft control panel.

You can access MultiCraft panel at the following link: MultiCraft Panel

Normally, within a few minutes of placing your order, you will receive an email containing the login details for the MultiCraft panel and FTP.

If you don't see the email, please check your spam folder. If you still haven't received anything after an hour, you can open a ticket with the technical department to request the server details.

Yes, you can change the version (or platform) of your Minecraft server at any time using the MultiCraft panel available with any Minecraft hosting package purchased from us.

Attention! If you change the server version (or platform), certain plugins may no longer work or the map may become corrupted. Make sure to backup your server before making any changes.

Yes, you can upload your own map to the host. To do this, you need to first stop the server from the MultiCraft panel.

Then, you need to connect to FTP and upload the "world" folder to the root directory of the server.

Once you have done this, you can start the server.

You need to have a 64x64 PNG image and name it "server-icon.png". Then, upload it to the root directory of the server and restart.

You can see the complete tutorial here: Server Icon Adding Tutorial

You can set a DNS of the form "name.server-mc.ro" from the MultiCraft panel in the Domain section. Choose a name and then save it.

If you want a DNS of the form "mc.name.ro," you will need to purchase the domain "name.ro." You can do this here: Web Domains

To set up DNS after purchasing a domain, you will also need a web host, which you can purchase here: Web Hosting

If you don't want to create a website or don't have the budget to purchase a web host, you can use Cloudflare to set up DNS.

PaperSpigot is an optimized fork of Spigot. It offers many performance optimization options for a Minecraft server.

99% of Spigot/Bukkit plugins work on PaperSpigot. This means that you can switch your server to PaperSpigot without major issues.

To make the server non-premium, you need to set "online-mode = false" in the server.properties file in the main folder.

Click on the following link: non-premium server tutorial for a complete guide.

To create a server with multiple sections, you need a BungeeCord package that includes multiple Minecraft servers, as well as a BungeeCord server that connects them.

You can purchase a BungeeCord package here: BungeeCord hosting

If you know how to work with Linux in CLI, you can also purchase a VPS/VDS or a dedicated server to set up a BungeeCord there.

Payment methods We offer multiple payment methods.