DEDICATED Dedicated Server Prices

We offer dedicated servers colocated in Germany at the best value for money.

Every dedicated server has full root access. You have the ability to install any type of software and any version.

Any type of game can be hosted on a dedicated server. You can have a Minecraft server, CS:GO server, GTA SA:MP server on your dedicated server.

All our dedicated server packages come with included support, Anti-DDoS protection, reinstallation possibility, and unlimited traffic.

Intel Core i7-6700 4 × 3.4(4.0) GHz 32/64 GB 2 x 512 GB SSD 1 Gbit/s 44.99€ CONFIGUREAZA
Intel Core i7-7700 4 x 3.6(4.2) GHz 32/64 GB 2 x 512 GB SSD 1 Gbit/s 47.99€ CONFIGUREAZA
Intel Xeon E3-1275v6 4 x 3.8(4.2) GHz 64 GB 2 x 512 GB SSD 1 Gbit/s 54.99€ CONFIGUREAZA
Intel Core i7-8700 6 x 3.2(4.6) GHz 64 GB 2 x 1 TB SSD NVME 1 Gbit/s 57.99€ CONFIGUREAZA
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 8 x 3.4(3.8) GHz 64 GB 2 x 512 GB SSD 1 Gbit/s 64.99€ CONFIGUREAZA
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 x 3.6(4.4) GHz 64 GB 2 x 1 TB SSD NVME 1 Gbit/s 67.99€ CONFIGUREAZA
Intel Xeon W-2145 8 x 3.7(4.5) GHz 128 GB 2 x 512 GB SSD 1 Gbit/s 74.99€ CONFIGUREAZA
Intel Core i9-9900k 8 x 3.6(5.0) GHz 64/128 GB 2 x 1 TB SSD NVME 1 Gbit/s 89.99€ CONFIGUREAZA

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

A dedicated server is a service that involves renting a physical server located in a data center designed for optimal operating conditions (Data Center).

Dedicated servers are much more powerful (faster, more powerful) because their physical capabilities allow them to be.

The major advantage of dedicated servers is the absolute control that the client has over them, which is also a difference between the two hosting solutions.

Of course, to receive the discount, you need to open a ticket in the sales department mentioning:

The name of the server and/or community + the IP address of the server

The average number of players and a link that proves this (minecraft-mp/gametracker/etc)

More details about the offer will be obtained from the support department, such as how much the discount is and what advertising is required.

Of course, you can change the operating system of the Dedicated Server anytime by submitting a ticket to the technical department. (You need to specify the desired operating system.)

Attention! If you change the operating system, you will lose the existing files on the Dedicated Server. You should make a backup before proceeding.

When you are starting out and don't have enough resources for a Dedicated Server, you can begin with a VDS.

VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) offered by KeKsHost.Com can provide you with the resources you need initially. Then, when the resources are at maximum capacity, you have more users, your website or servers are fully utilized, that's when you make the transition to a Dedicated Server platform.

VDS means that a Dedicated Server is divided into multiple virtual servers.

Access to Dedicated Servers is done through an SSH client such as Putty or Bitvise SSH. Additionally, you can download/upload files through SFTP using FileZilla or any FTP client.

Certainly, you can install as many Minecraft, CS:GO, GTA SA:MP servers as your available resources allow. Each server needs to have a different port.

Websites can be set up on Dedicated Servers. For this, you will need to install a web server such as Apache2 or Nginx.

For easy website administration, we recommend installing a control panel like cPanel/Directadmin or VestaCP (free).

Certainly, you can open a ticket with the technical department requesting a password reset. You will receive a new password via email.

There is no magic formula to calculate the number of players a Dedicated Server can handle.

It depends on the setup of each server, the optimizations you make, and other processes running on the Dedicated Server.

In general, a Dedicated Server with a better processor and more RAM than another will be able to handle more players online.

FEATURESWhat do Dedicated Servers offer?

Anti-DDoS Protection

All Dedicated Servers benefit from Anti-DDoS protection to block cyber attacks of this type and maintain service availability.

Dedicated IP and Root SSH Access

All Dedicated Servers come with a dedicated IP address (you can use any port) and root SSH access.

99.9% Uptime

Our servers are always online when you need them. All services benefit from guaranteed uptime of over 99.5%.